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After a long period of over 5 centuries, the ethnic Vietnamese, Khmer, Cham and Hoa with all the knowledge and experience of the Red River civilization experienced the conquer Central land with the Laos wind, white sand, floods and soil which have jointly developed the Mekong river delta into a river civilization with its own characteristics as a new development of civilization from the river where has formed thousands of years ago in the Red river delta. To more specific, this new development is clearly evident in the structure of this civilization. Water resources and Irrigation is the basic condition of the water rice civilization.

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  • Civilization of Mekong Delta - About History of Inhabitant & Culture
    28-07-2017 00:40:25

    Downstream Delta Mekong River seemed to be a free buffer zone and be forgotten for a long time. Until the thirteenth century, as officials Chau Dat Quan from Nguyen Dynasty, on the way to Chau Lap from 1296 to 1297, had described this area as: "From the entrance of Chan Bo (Ba Ria, Ba Ria Vung Tau) onwards, most of the forest are dwarfs. The river is long and the port is wide, stretching hundreds of miles with birds singing. Coming to new port, there are extensive fields, without an inch of tree top. Look away to see paddy field only. Thousands of buffalo gathered there. Bamboo had been spread long for hundreds of miles. That bamboo, burning thorns, shoots very bitter ". About the weather, he described: "During the year the weather is like in May and June of us and people do not know the cold and snow.  It rains half of the year, the other half is not rain”. Regarding the richness of this land, he described:" typically, people can do three or four seasons in a year. "

  • Civilization of Mekong Delta - About the Structure & Living Life
    27-07-2017 23:49:32

    Compared to the structure of civilization of the Red River civilization, structure of the Mekong River has quite fundamental differences. In the Red River Delta, from Ly dynasty to the Tran dynasty and Ly dynasty had gathered both talents and material on the irrigation and hydro-therapy which focused on water resources, for example, building dam protecting levees around Thang Long capital and complete the Red river dike dam system, Thai Binh river, Ma river, Chu river, etc.  From upstream river to the sea, it is to prevent floods and sea inroad.

  • Typical and Unique Cultural Festivals of The Southwest Area
    25-07-2017 00:00:00

    Traveling to the west, tourists certainly can not forget the crisscross rivers and creeks and floating markets with all sorts of goods. Moreover, they will feel the unique cultural traits here through the traditional festivals of the West. In this article, Far East Tour will introduce you to some unique cultural festivals which have features of the Southwest region, so that you can choose the appropriate time for the festive season tourism!

  • The Longest River in Vietnam
    25-07-2017 00:00:00

    We all know that Dong Nai River is the longest inland river with 586 km long. However, the longest river which originates abroad and flows through the territory of Vietnam is none other than Mekong River, also known as Cuu Long River.

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