Travelling to Tien Giang - A to Z Experience

Travelling to Tien Giang - A to Z Experience
Tien Giang Tourism and southern provinces in general are famous for orchards and wetland, also known as river region. Traveling to Tien Giang, you should visit Ben Tre. These 2 provinces are very convenient for travel. Ben Tre is well-known as the land of coconut and is also one of centers of the revolutionary insurrection. In the following article, I will introduce some information about My Tho and Tien Giang tourism.
 Journey to My Tho 

It is about 70km from Saigon to My Tho. You can travel by coach or by motorcycle quite easily. You run along Highway 1 to Trung Luong junction to see the gateway to My Tho city. You can choose the coach of Mai Linh and Phuong Trang, or others at Mien Tay station.

Coach to Cai Be: 

My Tho – Cai Be: 40km, ticket price from 15 to 20.000d. First point in Ward 2, Dinh Bo Linh Street, My Tho City, last point at Cai Be Harbor.

Trips to My Tho

You should come to some tourist attractions in My Tho.
Vinh Trang Pagoda: in Nguyen Trung Truc Street, My An Hamlet, My Phong Ward, built in the early 19th century with the architecture of Asia-Europe.
My Tho Cathedral: at 32 Hung Vuong Street (near Rach Gam), built in the early 20th century by father Gam with the architectural style of Western Europe.
Dieu Hoa Temple: in 101 Trinh Hoai Duc, was the base of the Nguyen Dynasty. It is the place for preservation of tangible and intangible relics in Tien Giang. There is an opera stage in old style. It is an interesting point that tourists should not overlook.

Streets: Trung Trac Street: along the side of the canal near Tan Long ferry which has beautiful scenery. Phan Thanh Gian Street is home to many garden owners from everywhere.
Dong Tam Snake Farm: in Binh Duc commune, Chau Thanh, Tien Giang. You go straight in the direction of Le Thi Hong Gam to Rach Mieu Bridge then you will see specific guidelines. It is not very special unless you witness snakes on your own. If you go with group of friends, the only fun is camping.
Dong Tam snake farm
Dong Tam snake farm.
Rach Gam - Xoai Mut relics: straight from the snake farm 7km along side the provincial road 864 to the relic. It was the place that Nguyen Hue won in the fight with Xiem Army. It is not very interesting. People come here to just watch the river.

Go Thanh relic: in Tan Thanh Hamlet, Tan Thuan Binh Ward, Cho Gao District. It is quite boring. You are suggested to visit in case you want to learn about it.
Hillock trips: you can buy a sharing tour with 80.000d at 30/4 harbor. If you want to go alone, you can buy the single tour with 300.000d. The price of all travel agencies is similar in the tour to Thoi Son, Phung and Ben Tre. If you travel to Long and Lan Hillock, you have to book individually. You can contact 0903108320 to ask for driving. The price is negotiated but certainly very cheap.
Thoi Son hillock: across Rach Mieu Bridge, you can see the guideline the way to this hillock or go to ferry station near Binh Duc Bridge.
Fruits in orchards

Vu sua season (in February, after Tet Holiday 10 days): Vinh Kim is the best. If you know the street, you can find the garden to buy this special fruit. Otherwise, you can go to the Vinh Kim market.
March and April: you should go to Cai Be to buy mangoes.
May, June and July: season of durian and rambutan. From My Tho, along side Le Thi Hong Gam road about 15km to the Ngu Hiep T-junction and then across Ngu Hiep Hillock. There is a vast number of durians. You had better go to the garden to buy with a reasonable price and the durian is safe.
Explore the narrow creek of Tien Giang.
Stand on boat to stream into the narrow creek of Tien Giang to visit the orchards.
August and September: longan season. You can ride a motorbike across Rach Mieu Bridge to the second flyover then go down to Phung hillock then run along this beautiful road. People here are funny and friendly. Trees are lush and luxuriant. You have to buy ticket in order to enter and visit the orchards.
December: eating watermelon at Tan My Chanh and Go Cong.
Near Tet Holiday: from 15th to 23rd January of the lunar calendar, you travel to Tan My Chanh (1,5km far from My Tho) to take photos of the flower village in spring.
Hotels and low-priced motels in My Tho 
Hotels and motels in My Tho are very few. You can find them in Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ap Bac. The price is 100.000d to 150.000d per night for 2 persons. 
Cheap room: right near the T-junction of route 60 Ap Bac. The price is only 60.000 to 120.000d per double room depending on the condition. Along route 50 and route 60 also has these kinds of room. 
Hong Phuc Hotel: 246/8 Ap Bac, district 5, My Tho.
Cong Doan Hotel: 61 Ba Muoi Thang Tu, My Tho.

Delicious food in My Tho

My Tho is famous for Hu Tieu (noodles) so that you should try at least once.
Vegetarian noodle at Bo De food store (opposite Vinh Trang Pagoda). Besides, there are other tasty dishes. Its profit is used for the school for poor children. It is established by Tinh Nghiem Pagoda.
Meat noodle: opposite Mekong Delta bank in Le Dai Hanh street (only open in the morning).
Cuttlefish noodle: on the way to Thanh Tri market. It has a big tree with some bird cages (open all day long).
Beef meatball noodle: in Le Dai Hanh Street near My Tho market (open from 6pm to 9pm).
Sa te Huong noodle: in Nam Ki Khoi Nghia, 100m faraway from Ap Bac Street. Price: 22.000d per bowl.
Trang noodle: in the corner of Yersin and Ap Bac. Price: 13.000d per bowl (really delicious). 
Thao Loan noodle: 10 Giong Dua Street. Price: 16.000d per bowl.
Nam Chuot store: Tran Hung Dao Street. It has different kinds of delicious food.
Chi Thanh food: 279 Tet Mau Than. Its food is tasty. Price: 30.000d.
Hong Thuy noodle: next to Chi Thanh food.

My Tho noodle
"Hu tieu" of My Tho.
Durian sticky rice: in the corner of Tran Hung Dao-Ly Thuong Kiet. It opens at night.
Snake bean porridge: 460 LTK from My Tho station across Ly Thuong Kiet bridge about 50m. It usually sells out at 4 to 6pm. Price: 100.000d per person.
Tay Ho fresh seafood: near the Tet Mau Than-Ap Bac T-junction.
Supper at Cu market or Tien river bank.
Crab porridge: in Le Thi Hong Gam Street in the alley which has a church. They serve lots of vegetables and use less seasoning.
Snake dishes: in Ly Thuong Kiet Street.
Keo fish porridge: in the alley near Cu market.
Sau Deo xeo cake: the cake is very big with many kinds of vegetable and very delicious. 
Café: you can visit the chain Tungja café. One is in Nam Ky Khoi Nghia opposite Department of planning and investment while the other is in the museum. You can also enjoy coffee in the morning at the corridor of culture house or near T-junction of Yersin and Le Thi Hong Gam.
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