Transportation For Traveling Around Ho Chi Minh City

Foreigners are happy to experience rickshaw in Saigon.
Because the majority of the population is male, is very easy to seek for transporting in Ho Chi Minh City. As we have provided information about airport in this city, in this article we are going to share with you some other means of transport to go around it so that you do not have to walk.
Pedicab in Saigon City


Cyclo drivers will suggest that they can take you around the city since they feel unhappy to watch you walking. They are very kind that they still smile with you if you refuse to use their service. In case that you choose to travel by cyclo, make sure that you know the fee beforehand. In fact, it may cost you over 30,000d which is equivalent to $2 between the well-known scenery in Ho Chi Minh City.
They worked in administration with Americans; however, they were treated as inferior and lost the opportunity to do this job after the breaking down of the South Vietnam. Thus, a large number of these drivers are good at speaking English. The streets that cyclos can take on are already restricted by the Ho Chi Minh Municipal Government. Therefore, do not suspect if they drive you on the road that seems to be not logical. You should remember that you have discussed with them about the travel expense. The traditional transport of this city is planed to change which is regarded as a loss. You are highly recommended to try once because it can be the last opportunity.
Cyclo makes foreigners happy when experience
Cyclo makes foreigners happy when experience.

Metered Taxis

Metered taxis appear everywhere offering low-cost expense. Through the heavy traffic, it takes around 5km from Spring Hotel in Dong Khoi Street to Cho Lon in Chinese District by taxi. Although the driver was obliging in take us to the right pagoda which was shown on the map, he could not speak English. We had to pay about 50,000d (about $3). The price was displayed on the meter.
We took on another taxi back to Ben Thanh Market along side the dirty Sai Gon river bank after returning from Binh Tay Market in Cho Lon. The living condition near this river was the poorest in Vietnam. The price was the equal to the previous journey. There was no problem except for the illusion when utilizing public transport. Besides, it was not worth to bargain all the time because of the fact that everything was low-priced. Even if you charged higher than the real expense when using taxi or cyclo, it was only few cents which was negligible. We could say that local people was friendly and honest so that we had never to pay more than the real price.

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Motorbike Taxis

Like the cyclo drivers, motorbike taxi drivers at the road pavement also offered you to use their service. Similarly, it was quite cheap to travel by this means of transport. However, you might feel it was not comfortable to try this due to the chaos roads. It was the most dangerous means of transport in Ho Chi Minh City for sure. 
It is not easy to experience Motor-taxi in the crow of Saigon, but it is very funny.
It is not easy to experience Motor-taxi in the crow of Saigon, but it is very funny.

City Buses

The system of buses in the city was clearly visible. But in fact you did not have to use them because of the easy access to taxis and cyclos. You would not know where to get off. The bused were used by the majority of native people and the drivers seemed to be not willing to help.
Saigon Public Buses everywhere.
Saigon Public Buses everywhere.

Traveling Pedicab:

You can do a round trip in the center of Saigon with pedicab. Standing on it, you will see the most typical highlights of Saigon such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh market, Saigon Post Office...

Leisurely travel with pedicab.
Leisurely travel with pedicab.


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