Travel Tips in An Giang in Flooding Season

Travel Tips in An Giang in Flooding Season
Located in the southwest, An Giang has a vast wetland and magnificent mountains which share a common boundary with Cambodia. An Giang is an interesting destination in floating season.


If you travel by coach from Ho Chi Minh City, you should select reputable coaches such as Phuong Trang, Hung Cuong, Nghia Hue which depart from the Mien Tay station.

If you ride the motorbike, depending on the schedule and time, you should choose the appropriate routes. Some routes are recommended:
Ho Chi Minh City - 1A - Tan An - My Thuan Bridge - Sa Dec - Lai Vung – Vam Cong Ferry - Long Xuyen – Tri Ton.
Ho Chi Minh City - 1A - QL62 - Thanh Hoa - Cao Lanh Ferry - An Hoa Ferry - Chau Doc - Tinh Bien.

Hotels and motels are located densely in Long Xuyen and Chau Doc City, scattered in towns of each district. The more specific the trip schedule is, the more easily you choose where to stay. If you go in a group, you should contact in advance.

Tourist attraction

An Giang Province 
has a lot of attractions scattered in districts. In flooding season, you should not miss the following destinations:
Long Xuyen City has the home where President Ton Duc Thang stayed in his childhood and Long Xuyen floating market where gathers hundreds of canoes, boats from all around coming to trade goods
and agricultural products.
From Long Xuyen City to the provincial road 943 to Nui Sap Town, Thoai Son District, tourists can admire the charming scenery.
Chau Doc City has Sam Mountain (Vinh Te Son) where you can see the panoramic view of Chau Doc and Vinh Te Canal from the peak. On and around the Mountain, there are many shrines. The most famous one is Ba Chua Xu Temple, Tay An Pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Phuoc Dien Pagoda, etc.
Chau Doc market is considered as "the kingdom of fish souce" with a lot of sauces and dry fish of all kinds. If this is the first time you are in the Western Area, do not miss the Chau Doc market with interesting experience on the lives of people in the flooding season.


Bung Binh Thien (
25 km from Chau Doc), a vast freshwater lake, is located near Binh Di River (a tributary of the River Hau) An Phu District. It is really beautiful with yellow flowers and green hyacinths. The Cham village maintains the ancient cultural values.
Tra Su cajuput forest which is in Tinh Bien District is an area of about 850 hectares with a rich ecosystem and a symbolic beauty of An Giang in flooding season. The experience of sailing in the middle of duckweeds, creeping in the cajuput forest and hearing the birds singing in the tree will be unforgettable. Entrance fee is 45,000 VND per person.
Tinh Bien Market sells many western specialties in flooding season. Some items from Thailand and Cambodia are also on sale. Tinh Bien also bears a cultural exchange of the Vietnamese and Khmer.
That Son, also known as the Seven Mountains Region is 7 typical mountains of 37 mountains in Tri Ton and Tinh Bien District. Cam Mountain, 705 meter high, 28,600 meters in circumference, is the highest mountain in That Son and has beautiful scenery. On the mountain, there are Van Linh Pagoda, Phat Lon Pagoda, Di Lac Buddha and Cao Dai Tu, etc.
Ta Pa field (Tri Ton district) looks like a large carpet with green paddy fields and jiggery trees standing boldly. Ta Pa Lake - leftover traces of quarrying sector in the hilltop has a poetic beauty and peace like a painting.
Co To Mountain, Khmer name is Phnom Kto (Co To commune, Tri Ton district), looks like a giant phoenix spreading wings above vast plains.

Specialty in flooding season

The nature of Mekong Delta brings unique specialty: fish and flower hot pot, flower cakes, rat grilling, Chau Doc fish noodles, sauce hot pot, beef jiggery cake or Tri Ton Beef porridge. Cham people have “tung lo mo”, Ni-ca-pua rice, etc.


You should wear light and easy-to-move clothes; bring a raincoat, mosquito cream, insect ointment, drugs for treating food and weather allergy.
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